I am currently finishing post-production for the short film "Hear my Voice": a gay drama with a lyrical and intimate tone that combines romance with supernatural, dream-like elements. This is the most personal project I have ever directed - I wrote the story.

The essence of the film is that, only if you open up and make your voice heard, will you be able to meet someone who can hear and love you. Anyone who has ever felt that technology leads to feelings of isolation and fragmentation rather than  connection, particularly in large cities, will identify with our protagonist.

Mike moved to London hoping to find love and launch his opera career. Four years later, he is still awaiting his 'big-break' and his journal is now his best friend. During yet another hook-up, he sees the apparition of his grandmother, a glamorous, eccentric woman with whom Mike used to travel the world. She is not impressed with what she finds. Her repeat visits push Mike to come to terms with himself, and allow him to make an unexpected connection with barista, Andy.

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